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A few years ago at an exhibition the managing directors of Team7 and KEUCO met by chance.

They got into a conversation and discovered they had much in common. There is the penchant for perfectionism. The love for design that touches the senses. And the uncompromising approach to choosing materials.

„Developing premium bathroom concepts is part of our nature,“, says Hartmut Dalheimer, former managing director of KEUCO. So nothing stood in the way of a collaboration between KEUCO and Team 7 to develop a full series of bathroom furnishings made of solid wood. Furniture was produced that reflects a fascination with and love for the material wood in each piece. Modern, with an emphasis on design, but still grounded in the enduring roots of the material. This is EDITION LIGNATUR from KEUCO and Team7.

Each piece of EDITION LIGNATUR bathroom furniture is unique. Each piece is produced individually. Single or double washbasin designs with either recessed or table-top basins, sideboards, tall units and benches are all made of three premium natural woods: oak, Venetian oak, and walnut.

Hartmut Dalheimer,  former managing director of  KEUCO/ Dr. Georg Emprechtinger, CEO Team 7
Hartmut Dalheimer, former managing director of KEUCO/ Dr. Georg Emprechtinger, CEO Team 7

The name KEUCO stands for complete bathroom furnishings in a class of their own - embodying sensuousness and sensibility. Each individual product is the result of intensive development work, the use of premium materials, and meticulous workmanship.

From its early days as market leader for bathroom accessories, the family-owned company evolved with innovation, passionate employees and "Made in Germany" products to become an international full provider of premium bathroom furnishings. Today, KEUCO offers a large assortment of fittings, accessories, mirror cabinets, washbasins and bathroom furniture.

KEUCO products impress with their immaculate surfaces, maximum longevity, and perfect functionality. The perfect results produced since its founding in 1953 stem not only from modern high-tech methods, but also traditional hand craftsmanship. Products for satisfied customers the world over are produced at sites in Hemer, Gütersloh and Bünde.

We are passionate about aesthetics in the bathroom. We are always searching enthusiastically for new forms, new materials and new technologies. And for the perfect synergy between sensuousness and sensibility,“,says Hartmut Dalheimer, former managing director of KEUCO, who, together with managing partner Engelbert Himrich, forms the firm's top management. →

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Nature, design and technology are combined to produce furniture with soul and character.

Founded in 1959, from the outset the family-owned company from Ried im Innkreis has produced solid wood furniture in loving hand craftsmanship for the kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and the children's room. Production tailored to customer requests is at the focus of all TEAM 7's planning and advice.

Georg Emprechtinger has put his stamp on the fortunes of the company since 1999 and has turned the former "eco-outsider" into a market leader for solid natural wood furniture: "We have retained our objective of always remaining true to our roots, but constantly improving." That is how the countless internationally acclaimed pieces of furniture have been produced to date, which have emerged from collaborations with renowned designers.

Moreover, unsealed natural wood is very forgiving: traces of use and minor damage, such as dents, scratches or discoloration from drink glasses can be mended in no time with the help of the included care set.

At the focus of the furniture production are sustainability and environmental protection. This is evidenced by numerous international certifications from the areas of environmental and quality management. →