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KEUCO stands for bathroom expertise: now operating in its third generation, our family company has been headquartered in the Westphalian city of Hemer ever since its formation in 1953. For decades now TEAM 7 has been known as manufacturer of premium natural wood furniture.

After several years of successful collaboration between KEUCO and TEAM 7, the luxurious bathroom furnishing concept comprised of furniture made of natural wood, now makes use of four premium woods: light oak, Venetian oak (which gets its extraordinary appearance from the natural embellishments produced by the shipworm), as well as the strongly-grained wild oak, whose characteristic surface is treated with natural white oil. Natural lightening prevents any subsequent darkening of the wood. Rounding off the high-quality selection is fine walnut.

A complete range of products are available to complement the washbasin including side units, medium and tall units and unique floor standing accessories. Proof that genuine natural wood can be a success in the bathroom.


Designing furniture is without a doubt one of the supreme disciplines of product design. Design is not just a product of the function, but also the materials used. Or to be more precise: the material’s specific properties and special features.

As was already the case with KEUCO’s EDITION 11 and EDITION 400, the creators of EDITION LIGNATUR are designers from the Tesseraux+Partner design agency who took full advantage of the rare luxury of being able to design bathroom furniture made of natural wood. Natural wood affords some unique design possibilities such as the elegant concave shaping cut into the front edge of the boards which reduces the visible thickness of the edge to a delicate 5 mm. The sculpted, architectural character of the furniture is highly effective at accentuating the woods, each with their very own colour cast and individual markings. Various washbasin models made of Varicor or ceramic can be combined with the luxurious vanity units. Also available as options are surface cover plates, made of either glass or slate. The end result is an elegant comfort, that shifts our perspective of the bathroom. And genuine change is exactly what a demanding designer wants to achieve with their work.

Dominik Tesseraux, Designer (Tesseraux+Partner)

Dominik Tesseraux, Designer (Tesseraux+Partner)

Fittings from KEUCO


The region around Hemer in North Rhine-Westphalia, where KEUCO is headquartered, has a thousand-year history of metallurgy. KEUCO is part of this long metal-working tradition – with more than 60 years of expertise in fittings and accessories.

Rich ore deposits, dense forests supplying charcoal for smelting furnaces and streams which later powered watermills – the perfect conditions for the pioneers of metal production and processing. Among the coveted goods the region has exported since the 19th century is a product that has played a leading role in Hemer’s industry to this day: waterconducting fittings. KEUCO is part of this long tradition of metal-working – with more than 60 years of expertise in fittings and accessories. With its high standards in design and technology, all products are manufactured in Hemer. Here, highprecision computer controlled production steps alternate with meticulous hand craftsmanship. In line with its historical obligations, KEUCO fittings and accessories continue to convince with their innovative functionality, top quality and flawless surface finishing. All made in Germany. The way it has been for 1000 years


During a summer stroll through the woods, the atmosphere of the light alters with every step of the way. At times, only individual sunrays shine through the leaves, at times a clearing illuminates everything.

This brings us right in the heart of things. For EDITION LIGNATUR must feature light mirror and mirror cabinets. Its light colours and hues are almost as divers as the lights of the wood: from warm white 2700 Kelvin up to as-bright-as-day 6500 Kelvin.

Already when applying make-up, this allows perceiving how the effect will be outside, or in the office or during a dimmed restaurant meal. The complex technology behind this – even featuring integrated mirror heating – originates from KEUCO’s in-house light lab. And yet another special feature of the EDITION LIGNATUR mirror: it has an elegant light sail.

It ensures that the light hits the face naturally from above. As is the case in a forest. Or in the office or a restaurant. It is also optionally available with integrated mirror heating. For a fog-free view after the shower.

The EDITION LIGNATUR mirror cabinet offers the perfect combination of wood, mirror and light. The homely design of the EDITION LIGNATUR is also emphasised in the mirror cabinet with elements made of natural woods. Shelf inserts, rear panel and carcass sides are made of corresponding woods. An illuminated LED rim on three sides turns the EDITION LIGNATUR mirror cabinet into a positive highlight in the bathroom - whether as a classic on-wall mirror cabinet or unconventional semi-recessed model. The LED light radiating from within the translucent rim gives the mirror cabinet a lightweight appearance, as if it is hovering in front of the wall. The open shelf compartment ensures that frequently-used products are close at hand. Using the control panel, the LED lighting of the EDITION LIGNATUR mirror cabinet can be dimmed and the light colour adjusted in an infinite number of steps: From a daylight white light of 6500 K to a warm-white light of 2700 K. The mirror cabinet also has three different light sources: The main lighting of the rim as well as compartment and washbasin lighting.

TEAM7 Wood
TEAM7 Wood


For millennia, human sympathy for the seashell Teredo navalis was rather limited. Its common name explains why: naval shipworm.

It should also be mentioned that the size of the mollusc’s two shells diminished considerably in the course of its evolution and developed into a boring tool. The Teredo navalis finds protection by boring living spaces into planks of ships and other wooden constructions in the water. One place this occurs is Venice. With its countless oak piles rammed into the sandy sea floor, the lagoon city is a true paradise for the shipworm. But its love for the city is just as unrequited as its love for ships. Due to its insatiable drilling activities, the piles for foundations and jetties must be regularly replaced. And with that we finally arrive at the happy end of a dissonant relationship. When thoroughly dried, the timbers that are replaced supply us with an extremely coveted wood for furniture: Venetian oak, refined plank for plank through the diligent work of the Teredo navalis. The shell that ultimately, well, bored its way into our our hearts.


Each piece of EDITION LIGNATUR furniture is unique, custom-made for each individual order. This applies right from the start, because not even the natural wood boards in the 3-layer process are produced in advance.

The reason for this is basically outright perfectionism. To ensure that all EDITION LIGNATUR surfaces harmonise with one another, a special work step is required. First, the surface slats are chosen by colour. This is because in a natural material like wood it varies from tree to tree, and board to board. But the markings on the wood should harmonise too, not just the colours. Depending on the type of tree there are knotty areas, sapwoods, light medullary rays, and other characteristics. To make these properties more clearly visible the slats are first sprayed with water which produces a higher contrast picture. Now the slats are chosen by hand, one by one. Only then are the natural wood boards produced in the three-layer technology. A timeconsuming process? Certainly. But a furniture maker with high quality standards is rather like an artist. Your personal contract artist, if you will.

TEAM 7 Nature Oil


A tree can withstand a lot. In the forest its wood can withstand decades of frost, heat, snow and rain – the perfect training camp for many more years in the bathroom.

Furniture made of pure, natural wood is always something extraordinary. You can see it, smell it, and feel it. To preserve its characteristic feel and to make the most of the natural protective properties of wood, EDITION LIGNATUR surfaces are not sealed, but treated with an organically pure protective oil, instead. It consists primarily of linseed oil, sunflower oil, soya oil, carnauba wax and beeswax. Compared to conventional protective oils the proportion of wax is somewhat higher, to strengthen its resistance to standing water.

Traces of use and minor damage such as dents, scratches or discolouration from the rims of drinking glasses can be restored in no time with the help of the included care set. But for all its natural toughness, from time to time the wood surfaces of EDITION LIGNATUR deserve a touch of wellness treatment. Here, treatment with protective oil twice a year is sufficient. Over time this makes the wood increasingly resistant.


KEUCO furnishing concepts are known for their contrasts: different designs can be used and styles reliably mixed and matched to create new combinations. An alliance built on a sense of form, colour and functionality. Not for the mass market, but special for each individual.


The variety of EDITION LIGNATUR allows your imagination to soar when planning your future bathroom. With the many ways of combining washbasins, fittings and accessories of EDITION 400 or EDITION 11, you can leave your very personal design mark.